Be8 delivers bonuses and certificates to suppliers of the 2SC Sustainable Supplier Credit Program

The bonus originates from the volume of sustainable raw material delivered to Be8 since August 2022

In an initiative aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles and with the purpose of leading energy renovation to create a sustainable future, preserving our origins and the Earth, Be8 launched, also in 2022, the 2SC Sustainable Supplier Credit Program, with the aim of increasing the quality and promoting the permanent performance of the supply chain.  aiming to mitigate risks and achieve eco-efficiency, as well as ensure the participation of companies in the sustainable fuels market through certifications. The 2SC allows partners adhering to the Program to access financial benefits divided into categories according to progress in meeting the criteria of national and international sustainable certifications. Following this vision, on Thursday, November 23th, Be8 paid these benefits to the first suppliers who delivered sustainable raw materials and redeemed the bonus within the 2SC.

On the occasion, eight companies were awarded the bonus: Frigorífico Silva Indústria e Comércio LTDA, Indústria de Rações Passo das Tropas LTDA, LPX Agroindustrial LTDA, Sefar Indústria e Comércio de Farinha e Sebo LTDA, Nutriforte LTDA, Sinos Proteínas Animais LTDA, RN Proteínas Animais LTDA and Agrobrasil Chemical Indústria e Comércio LTDA. 
The president of Be8, Erasmo Battistella, thanked everyone for their commitment and partnership in the Program. "Being here today with the companies that stood out is very important because at the end of the day, business only happens because of people. Certifications are not just about commitment, bureaucracy and everything else, it is about bringing knowledge, giving the opportunity to add value to the raw materials that are being produced, evolving the chain as a whole," he noted.

"When we talk about sustainable relationships, this is the clearest example we need to follow. This is a recognition to you who believed when we took the idea to you, for the engagement and evolution we had within 2SC. I would also like to thank the Be8 team who, in their daily lives, brought information, challenged and provoked you to develop and deliver a good volume of sustainable raw material, contributing to the success of the Program. We are seeing a scenario where we can move forward and multiply all of this much more," said Be8's vice president of operations, Leandro Zat.

"It is a pleasure to be participating in this Program, Be8 is an example of a company and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to grow and develop through this partnership," said the director of Agrobrasil Chemical, Renato Craco.

For the commercial manager, Gilmar Stein, and the quality supervisor, Daiane Xavier, representatives of the companies Sefar, Nutriforte, RN Proteins and Sinos, it is an honor to have Be8 as a customer and partner. "We are here to cooperate in whatever it takes, we thank you very much for the partnership and reinforce that you can always count on us."
The representative of LPX Agroindustrial, Weslley Diniz, gave a special thanks to the employees of Be8. "I talk every day with different areas and all of them have always been available to provide help and knowledge, if our company has evolved a lot during this time, it was thanks to the help of these professionals who spared no effort to collaborate with our teams and make this partnership work," he said.

"We have been in the market for 52 years and we have always strived for quality and Be8 has helped us a lot to improve on this issue, so this is a partnership that has only strengthened over the years, and we can only be thankful for being together strengthening sustainability in our businesses", pointed out the commercial director of Silva Refrigerator and Feed Industry Troop Footsteps, Ubirajara Munhoz Gomez.