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Biodiesel is a fuel which is less pollutant than the fossil ones (oil and oil derived), produced from renewable sources, like vegetable oils and animal fat. It is defined as methyl or ethyl esters of these oils and fat. Biodiesel can substitute total or part the mineral diesel oil in automotive diesel engines (trucks, tractors, vans, cars, etc) or stationary (generators of electricity, heat, etc). When partially replacing diesel oil, biodiesel is employed as a fuel supplement that helps to reduce pollutant gas emissions. The mixture of both fuels is known as B followed by the number correspondent to the percentage of biodiesel added. For example, a mixture with 6% biodiesel is called B6, and so on, until pure biodiesel, which is called B100. Biodiesel is much better lubricant than the oil diesel, thus it has a great power as a lubricant it has more viscosity and does not wear the engine so much. It also has a higher index of cetane, which means that it is a better fuel that provides more torque to the engines. Biodiesel production happens through a chemical reaction named transesterification of triglycerides with alcohol (methanol or ethanol). Glycerin is a byproduct of the process.


Vegetable oil is neutralized or pre-treated and, later, it will react in transesterification, together with the methanol and sodium methylate. The glycerin formed in the reaction is separated by decanting and purified to remove traces of methanol and humidity. After being separated from glycerol or glycerin, biodiesel is purified. Finally, biodiesel is filtered and it is ready to be used, pure as mixed to diesel oil, without the need for modifying the engine of the vehicle or equipment. All manufacturing process takes around 15 hours. Be8 uses the American technology of Crown Iron Company for biodiesel production, which guarantees to meet the national as well as international specifications (ANP, ASTM D 6751-06 and EM 14214). Besides producing a different biodiesel, with high pattern of quality, this technology also guarantees this same pattern to by-products.